Apply to Journey

Please Note: Since Journey is a one-year program, applicants must be between eleven to thirteen months EOS (End of Sentence) as their start date. Once an individual is accepted into the program, they will secure travel to the facility.

Step 1: Apply.

    The candidate can request an application form from Journey which will be sent to them or they may print the application form from the link at the bottom of the page. The applicant will then need to fill out the application and return it to Journey. They may do so by scanning and emailing the completed form to, or mailing the completed form to our office located at 514 Hwy 43 South, Tuscumbia, AL 35674.

Step 2: Evaluation of Application

    Journey has a four-person team who screens all applicants. This team consists of two individuals experienced in the legal and criminal justice system and one person with experience and interest in the program. The fourth person is the Director of Journey. These individuals will screen the applications and recommend individuals for Journey. If the group decides to recommend an applicant, the Director of Journey will have a personal interview with the individual to make a final determination.

Step 3: Determination. 

    After the interview, Journey’s Director will send official notification to the applicant of acceptance or temporary denial. Once the applicant has been notified of their acceptance by Journey, the Director will be available to speak to the Pardon and Parole Board on the applicant’s behalf. This service requires a non-refundable fee of $125 .

Step 4: Starting the Journey. 

    When the client is released on parole, they are responsible for travel to the Journey location. Upon their arrival the program begins.


Application Form

 Application Instructions: Download the application below, fill out the application completely and honestly, and mail it to our office. Once an application is received, the potential client and/or their representative will be notified of its progress through our system.

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